Ganetimgr is a web platform that eases the provisioning of virtual machines over multiple Ganeti clusters. It leverages Ganeti's RAPI functionality to administer the clusters, and is stateless from the VM perspective. The project is written in Django and uses Bootstrap for the frontend. In essence, ganetimgr aims to be the frontend of a VPS service, making people's life easier.

For users

Virtual machine management has never been easier. A simple user can:
  • Create virtual machines
  • Rename them!
  • Destroy them!
  • Something went wrong? Reinstall an instance with the same or different OS!
  • Remote control via VNC/Websocket
  • Change owners, groups
  • View graphs and statistics

For administrators

A Ganeti administrator can:
  • Add as many cluster as he pleases
  • Send mass notifications to users in case of maintenance.
  • Get statistics and info about the active clusters!
  • Get information about each node!
  • Remote control via VNC/Websocket
  • Monitor all the runing jobs from each cluster
  • See graphs
  • Monitor user actions
  • Review user applications and approve/reject them
  • See idle accounts
  • Lock instances, nodes, nodegroups or even clusters
  • Jira integration
  • Branding
  • Translations